Our Approach
We're building machine learning models to predict and prevent chronic disease.
  • Our algorithms are designed and trained specifically for identifying intricate associations between genetic markers and disease outcomes. Known more commonly as polygenic risk scores, this vast amount of data processing allows us to capture subtle genetic contributions that may have otherwise remained hidden, leading to a more accurate and holistic risk assessment.
  • Our offering involves polygenic interpretation services built on top of existing microarrays, panels, or sequencing methods. Use our computational solution to 10x the predictive power and informativeness of your methods.
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  • Accuracy: Polygenic risk improves sensitivity of genomic risk prediction significantly compared to traditional monogenic panels.
  • Multi-ancestry: Unlike single-SNP based approaches relevant to a subset of ancestries, our multi-ancestry polygenic risk score is tested for individuals of diverse ancestral background, including European, African, East Asian, South Asian, Indigenous, Latin, Arab, and Mixed.
  • Granularity: Our risk reports include 5-year, 10-year, and overall lifetime risk.