Our Approach
We perform polygenic interpretation services built on top of your existing assays.
  • Polygenic Risk Scores are increasingly being integrated into clinical practice across healthcare systems in the United States and Europe. Learn about how PRS is used as a cutting-edge tool for precision genomic risk prediction, empowering healthcare providers to provide better patient outcomes through data-driven disease risk management.
  • Our offering involves polygenic interpretation services built on top of existing microarrays, panels, or sequencing methods. Use our computational solution to 10x the predictive power and informativeness of your methods.
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  • Accuracy: Polygenic risk improves sensitivity of genomic risk prediction significantly compared to traditional monogenic panels.
  • Multi-ancestry: Unlike single-SNP based approaches relevant to a subset of ancestries, our multi-ancestry polygenic risk score is tested for individuals of diverse ancestral background, including European, African, East Asian, South Asian, Indigenous, Latin, Arab, and Mixed.
  • Granularity: Our risk reports include 5-year, 10-year, and overall lifetime risk.